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Whitney Cummings/ #WE Comedy Award Winner

You can count the amount of premiere female comics that are commonly known in the entertainment culture on the fingers of one-hand. Whitney Cummings has risen to the top of that pile with her razor sharp humor, bold and courageous delivery but mostly because of her excellent original material. Whitney Cummings is funny, very funny.

#WE, the nation's largest empowerment campaign had a chance to be re-introduced to this now American icon this past weekend in L.A., and we were blown away how polished, original and how extremely funny she really is!

Whitney has high intelligence humor, a sharp tongue and a keen wit. She reminded us of a female George Carlin, or a female Bill Maher or Dennis Miller or even Brian Regan.


She is THAT good. THAT funny!

When she got on the subject of the differences in the crazy things women and men do differently, we were overwhelmed with her insights, her strength and her bravery. She says what is funny and what she wants to say whether you like it or not. It is refreshing in the cancel culture crazy times of 2021 to especially hear a female comedian not tone it down or soft-peddle. And audiences seem to agree as all her shows sell out fast.

So #WE, the nation's largest empowerment campaign is bestowing its' first 2021 #WE Award to Whitney Cummings as she, and her material, together chronicle the very definition and essence of women empowerment.

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