• Lowell Beasley

#WE Appoints New Female Director of Production

Shradha Sharma is the new Director of Production overseeing all T.V, video and media production, all websites, flyers and graphics for both Women Empowerment Movement and the #WE movement.

Shradha speaks 7 ( seven ) languages, is highly intelligent, confident and highly articulate. She is highly organized and has ,founded/ co-founded Art Galleries, and worked in production on multiple movie / video projects. She is an artist herself. She does logos, flyers, graphics , websites and paintings. She is also very experienced in video production, editing and production having worked for many premier clients and entities.

Shradha Sharma is from Nepal.

Her confidence, skills, agility, intelligence and social articulation make her an #empowered woman and a real role model for Women Empowerment Movement.

#WE welcomes her to the #WE Executive Staff .



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