• Lowell Beasley

Mega-Model, Jenee Starr To Host #WE TV Specials

The hot commercial mega-model, Jenee Starr, has filmed segments as host of at least the first 2 TV specials now being produced by the #WE movement, the nation's largest empowerment campaign, and the official Women Empowerment Movement. Ms. Starr holds a Bachelor of Psychology, is very experienced as a marketing specialist, and has worked as model, or ambassador for many national brands and known liquor brands. She is renowned in commercial circles for her class, verbal articulation and wholesome sex appeal. She has worked the gamut in social media from behind the scenes, to being a social worker to having a film home studio set-up in her own home. She is a mother, and a professional marketing rep. Like most mega-models, Jenne Starr has been primarily locked down for a year, due to the COVID restrictions, and #WE is so elated and humbled to have her agree to make an exception and make these her first excursions in a while, and back to the forefront. She is an old friend of Shradha Sharma, #WE Director of Production, who recommended her and make the connection. #WE is filming a series of national TV specials, and TV documentaries upcoming. With recent additions like George Floyd's uncle, GQ Man of the Year, Selwyn Jones, the George Floyd family, and other national high profile celebs joining these telecasts, #WE is looking for that face, person and voice to host and front these VIP events. #WE thinks Jenee Starr definitely fills the bill, and is honored and excited Ms. Starr has already filmed for these 2 specials, to be released in February, and #WE is hoping and negotiating for more of Ms. Starr. Jenne ( pronounced "Juh-nay") Starr will appear in some segments of this weekend's upcoming "#GoodTimesPPV" as a guest co-host to help spread her #Empowerment message and example. www.WomenEmpowermentMovement.com www.WeMovement.TV www.GoodTimesPPV.com

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