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Jessica Mendoza/ Black Pearl To Produce #WeR1 TV Series in Chicago

The #WeR1 Tv series is a infomercial sampling each week of the upcoming global quarterly virtual concerts

The artist known as Black Pearl is a determined young Chicago artist named Jessica Mendoza who has taken it upon herself to make sure #WeR1 happens by organizing and orchestrating the TV filming of it herself , with her own crew and production team, in her own home town of Chicago.

" I know the #WE people have been let down a lot by people promising things and not coming through, but that is not me. When I say something, I do it!", says Black Pearl.

Black Pearl called her own producer, Joe Smooth ( Destiny's Child, Omarion, etc.), and even paid the original costs from her own pocket. When it comes to women empowerment, Black Pearl wanted to set a template that its not about " me", its about the cause.She put her money and her efforts where her mouth is.


So #WeR1 debuts and airs 4 times this week on The NOW Network as the Pearl's efforts pay off. She is co-hosting the show as well as being Producer. The show will regularly air at 12 midnight ( Eastern); 11pm ( Central) and 9 pm ( PT). It will air 3 more times this week as make-up slots for the first 3 Saturday nights in May it missed as it was in production.

" The NOW Network may seem like a strange place to start but God has His Reasons", says #WE founder, Lowell Beasley. " They are wanting to expand their audience and genres to some secular content, and #WE WAS founded by God, not me. It never was anything I'd have thought of on my own. So it is HIS Vision. And God is the Source of all empowerment so it does have logic we'd be given the opportunity to start here. The #WE movement can be very controversial as it is rallying to unite all genres and peoples in a very divided nation at a very divided time. Since we do represent empowerment AND women empowerment, we have to be stringent on content and image. Branding ourselves with The NOW Network only amplifies that, so it will give us a real live weekly exercise in editing to the "nth" degree to make sure we try to offend no one. So starting on The NOW Network, we have to cut out drinking songs and songs about getting drunk, etc ( which is 80% of country music) It's good! We all need to be held accountable and be responsible as role models. We were having to do the Wal-mart edited versions of all music anyway just for the priime-time slots on other networks. The NOW Network just reminds us to always be doubly vigilant as " he who is not gathering, is scattering". We want to bring people to God and empowerment, not repel them. We are very thankful to The NOW Network and the tremendous doors these broadcasts open"

Evidently, the faith of Black Pearl has paid off. R & B icons, Alexander O'Neal and Alyson Williams, both have contractually joined #WE and #WeR1 as hosts, spokespersons and performers. Alexander O'Neal sold out Wembley Arena five times back in the 80's. Alyson Williams, stayed on Billboard charts for 67 weeks with her " Just Call My Name " and is dubbed " The First Lady of Def Jam", being the first artist signed to Def Jam by Russell Simmons.

#WeR1 is a collection of virtual performances by multiple artists and genres, broadcast globally for 24-72 hours non-stop at a time.

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