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#GoodTimes PPV Concert By #WE

#WE presents the #GoodTimes 2021/#GoodRiddance2020 PPv Concert; an all-star event happening at the end of January, 2021 to celebrate and focus on the Good Times and positivity #WE all need after all the negatives of 2020. #GoodTimes2021 is themed around the 1970's iconic TV show, "Good Times" as its theme song echoed the same sentiments that in spite of all the bad, we need to celebrate the Good Times and " ain't we lucky we got them/ Good Times".

NBA legend Craig Hodges, is a front recruiter and spokesperson, as is Def Jam rapper, Shug Jackson, and Straight Outta Compton's , Curtis Young, ( son of Dr.Dre), along with #WE host, Alyson Williams, The First Lady of Def Jam , and Soul Hall of Fame Inductee. Alyson Williams is co-hosting the #GoodTimes PPV along with Good Times royalty, Carlena Evans, daughter of Good Times creator-writer, Mike Evans ( "Lionel Jefferson" on "All In The Family")

“.We find it important to have a nostalgic cap to the end of a trying year. Even though many are hurting, we want to remind ourselves that we still can have “Good Times”, just as the Evans family did. No matter the challenge, they still had love and family to see them through. Join us as we take a walk down memory lane with our favorite artists from a time that we are fond." -Carlena Evans Daughter of creator Mike Evans

Former Earth, Wind & Fire member/ Sheldon Murray, and his agent, Jessie Moore, are spearheadin recruitment of all the entertainment contacts they can, as is DEf Jam celebrated rapper, Shug Jackson, as is Jimmy Spittz, former marketing/ press for Straight Outta Compton.

Officially Sanctioned by "Good Times"Create Relevant Content

#Good Times PPV is officially sanctioned by the producers of the iconic TV series and as a forerunner for a separate national cable TV special coming around Easter, 2021, presumably & tentatively for the cable network, TV One.

For those unfamiliar with " Good Times', it was an immensely popular and ground-breaking Norman Lear sitcom in the 1970's and the show where Janet Jackson made her debut in acting as the young character role of " Penny" on the show.

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