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A-Lo Named Be A #WE Host/ Spokesperson

Aileen Lopez, The Latin Goddess, ( " A-Lo") is added to #WeR1 TV Host cast as the host of the" Be A #WE" campaign.

A-Lo, Aileen Lopez, The Latin Goddess, has been appointed host and spokesmodel of the " Be A #WE" campaign, recruiting bands, artists, sponsors and organizations nationally to join the #WE movement and " Be A #WE'.

A-Lo is the #WE version of Cardi B., with the Wal-mart edited version of #Empowerment. As The Latin Goddess, she will have special connection to the Latin culture and market..

A-Lo will be regularly promoting and pushing #WE recruitment as she joins the hosting staff of #WeR1 , the TV weekly series, and the global quarterly virtual concert broadcasts.


A-Lo joins producer / host, Jessica Mendoza ( Black Pearl) on the broadcasts as well as celebrity hosts like the #WeR1 celebrity hosts, R & B icons, Alexander O'Neal and Alyson Williams,.

#WeR1 debuts this week on several platforms like The NOW Network, Roku, Google TV, Apple TV, Comcast, etc. and will be adding platforms, networks, channels and stations weekly as it builds towards July 4 weekend, where it plans a multi-day virtual concert, #WeR1 FREEDOM , benefiting Hire Patriots/ Patriotic Hearts, the military charity, among others.


Be A #WE is the motto and recruiting mantra of the #WE movement to rally all bands, artists, groups, celebrities, and organizations to come together in united efforts and amalgamated campaigns to enact change and to advance empowerment through media and events.

#WE and #WeR1 and Women Empowerment Movement are federally protected trademarks.

#weR1 and Be A #WE are the brain-childs of Lowell Beasley / Stand-Up International, the founder/ creator of the #WE movement. #WE was created in 2016 as the nation's largest women empowerment campaign to bring together the 3000 independent women empowerment groups across the nation.

In 2020, #WE is expanding to include ALL empowerment causes, all genders, genres and cultures. " It takes a village" as Hillary Clinton said. Empowerment includes civil rights, anti-bullying, sex trafficking, self-esteem, equal rights, immigration, high school shootings and any / all causes that are on the road to corporate and national empowerment and the empowerment of humanity.

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