Welcome to the #WE movement

#WE is the nation's largest #empowerment campaign, focusing on TV media, virtual events and "live" concerts and events. #WE is a celebrity driven campaign, with ambitions to be the United Way of all empowerment causes under one brand umbrella, that of #WE.

There are 3000 women empowerment groupos across the USA but none are connected nor aligned. #WE was created to change that and to be an amalgamated umbrella covering , connecting all these entities, via sponsorship, TV media, sponsor participation and virtual events.

In 2020, #WE expanded to include and encompass ALL empowerment causes from the Black Lives Movement, to #MeToo, to bulying, to the high school shootings, equality, etc.

#WE is a movement of a " #WE the people" type scenario. WE are all inclusive and regardless of YOUR talent, skill, ( or lack of it), we have a place for you! #WE  is so multi-dimensional, we have need of everyone from marketers, models, promoters, producers, artists, website designers, video production, graphic arts, logos, administrators, organizers, etc. There IS a place for YOU in #WE.

Come make a difference. Be a part of changing the world. 

Be A #WE.

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